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Financially Wise Fashion: Adrianna Pappell

I know all of my Financially Wise Women will agree with this statement:

Sometimes you just need a really great dress.

The other day, I was prepping for an event in New York City with Chase (I’m the brand’s Latina financial education partner) and I couldn’t find exactly the right thing to wear.

That’s when my friends at Pistol & Stamen introduced me to this dream dress by designer Adriana Pappell–it was the perfect cut for me, it was fun and swingy and, best of all, it was an exact match of Chase’s signature blue. Perfect!

As soon as I zipped it up, I realized the importance of having a great dress in your signature color.

Luckily, Adriana Pappell specializes in just that. The design specializes in truly special dresses that exude style and confidence–and they’re made for every body. Plus, you can’t beat the price point–you’ll feel like a million bucks in an Adriana Pappell dress, but you definitely won’t have to pay that! Now that’s #financiallywise.

For more information, head over to Which dress is your favorite?