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What Exactly is Financial Planning?

Do you ever just wish someone would tell you exactly what to do with your money? That it feels almost overwhelming to figure out how to save for your goals and still pay for your current life?

I totally get it. Managing money is not always easy, and sometimes just thinking about how much is needed for your long-term financial goals, such as retirement, gets really scary. However, just like working out and eating right helps you stay healthy physically, financial planning helps you stay healthy financially.

So in today’s Financially Wise Living episode, I’m sharing what financial planning really is to help you understand its importance as you progress on your financial journey.

Spoiler alert: financial planning is not about cutting the fun out of your life or sticking your credit cards in the freezer; rather, it’s about getting strategies and systems in place to help you have more fun with your money today and in the future.

So watch the episode–then leave a comment and let me know what financial planning you’ve done in your own life, and how it’s been working for you.