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Creative Holiday Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank!

Happy (almost) holidays!

Thanksgiving is next week and my calendar is already filling up with party invites, potlucks and gatherings. As I do every year, I’ve also started making my Christmas gift spreadsheet (yes, I actually do this–no laughing) and brainstorming the creative, #financiallywise holiday presents I want to give my favorite people.

And because I always love a good gift idea (especially if it’s thoughtful and budget-friendly), I thought I’d ask a few of my favorite Financially Wise Women to share their favorite gift picks with me. Read on to see their genius ideas–all of which have beautiful thoughts behind them, too.

“I love to gift stationery and beautiful thank-you note cards to my friends and loved ones. I especially love Sugar Paper’s stationery. The products are made of beautifully crafted, thick paper and the letterpress design are always very elegant. Plus, besides the fact that it’s gorgeous paper, I love the significance of gifting someone a set of thank-you cards because I feel as though it’s a gift that continues giving. How awesome is it to give someone an item that they will give to someone else, and that makes them feel great in doing so? On that note (pun totally intended!), I also get a smile on my face in knowing that the person on the receiving end of the card will also feel wonderful getting a card in the mail. And I’m also reminded that the art of handwriting is not dead!” —Lorena Sandoval, Nourish Events LA

“Cookies! In an alternate life, I’d own my own bakery, so nothing makes me happier than getting into the kitchen with a bowl, a spoon and a whole lotta holiday cheer. (Seriously: my kitchen at this time of year looks like Santa’s bakery.) I love giving people something I made myself, with my own two hands, and I truly believe that the recipients can taste the love. Plus, it’s so fun to wrap up a bag of cookies with some festive ribbon in a pretty bag.” –Megan McDonald, Financially Wise Women marketing manager

I travel often and love to give people gifts they can’t get anywhere else. I often load up on cool and inexpensive items I come across on my travels and stockpile them for gift giving season! Another idea: If you’re in a financial pinch, consider donating your time to help your loved one with something they will appreciate. It could be something they’ve been meaning to do and haven’t gotten around to, or just something that you can do better than they can! It will make them feel loved without putting a financial strain on your bank account.” –Cristina Samper Pearl, Fluent Productions

“One of my favorite holiday gifts to give is a Karma Lit candle. Not only do I love that they are a locally made, women owned small business here in Denver, but their candle smells (and names!) are ah-mazing! I could sniff them all day long. Cozy Nights. Favorite Hoodie. Golden State Mini. The CEO and founder is a delight to talk to and I’m always happy to buy candles from her to give to loved ones. (And perhaps one for myself as well.)” –Johanna Voss, Financially Wise Women operations manager

What are your favorite gifts to give and receive? I’ll share mine on social media and I’d love to hear yours, too! Use the hashtag #FWWholidays and stay tuned for even more holiday hacks that don’t break the bank in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, sending you lots of money love!