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How to Create an Abundant Money Mindset

In February, we talk about love a lot–romantic love, love between friends and family, love for ourselves.

But what about money love?

Your outlook about your money can make or break your relationship with it. It’s the difference between what I call a scarcity mentality–that is, being afraid that your cash flow is finite and that there will never be enough of it–and one of abundance, love and gratitude.

So to help you on your money love journey this week, I’m sharing a free download to print and hang on your fridge with 5 of my favorite tips for how to love your money. (My personal favorite? Signing your credit card receipts with a heart to show your gratitude for your money.)

Click here to download and print.

I’d love to know: How do you love your money and practice an abundance mindset? Email me and let me know, or join us on social media by using the hashtag #MoneyLove.

Talk to you again soon.