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Top Tips for Being More Abundant With Your Money

As we continue the theme of #MoneyLove this month (are you following along with us on social media?), I wanted to share some of the ways my team and I work to create an abundance mindset.

I’m a huge believer in the idea that a positive outlook about your money yields positive returns–that you get back what you put in.

So I asked Johanna and Megan, who are part of my FWW team, how they maintain an abundant outlook–and I’m sharing my favorite tip with you, too.

“I sign every receipt with a heart. Taking an extra second to do this not only allows me to be fully present in the moment; it also reminds me to be grateful for my money. The heart is a physical manifestation of that gratitude. I also give money graciously. I know that positive energy always comes back to me when I give and receive easily.” Brittney Castro, founder and CEO >>

The other day, my husband looked at my wallet and said, ‘Wow, that’s a mess.’ (He was right; there were receipts and bills stuffed in every which-way.) So now, I make a conscious effort to keep my bills organized, un-crumpled and facing the same direction. Taking the time to do this reminds me how grateful I am to have the money to spend in the first place. And this year, I’m also making a point to donate monthly to philanthropic organizations that help women and the displaced. I am completely fine with sacrificing my daily coffee-shop latte if it means I can help someone else, and I’m grateful that I’m able to at this point in my life.” << Megan McDonald, marketing manager

“Always tip–even on a $4 coffee–and when you do, think, ‘There’s more where that came from.’ I also pick up every piece of change I see–even a penny can make the when it comes to having an extra dollar. And I make a note to keep a mental file of all incoming abundance, from cash to compliments, gifts to dinners. Doing that reminds me how much of it I have in my life. And like Brittney and Megan, I also donate to a couple of charitable organizations, as well.”

Johanna Voss, operations manager >>

Now that you’ve read our tips, tell me: How do you show your money some love?

I’d love to know.

Here’s to an abundant week, month and year ahead.