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Financial Personality- What’s Yours?

Flickr image via Green Heat

What is your financial personality? Do you even have one? While some financial professionals will ask questions about your financial situation, they may not take time to ask basic questions about “who you are” financially and uncover “how you feel” about money. If you are like most women out there, chances are you have never even thought about these questions. It is important to identify how we feel and think about money in order to reveal our values and financial personality. Knowing your financial personality may help you manage your money more effectively by playing to your strengths and addressing any needs you have.

Most women fall into one the 5 financial personalities below(1):

Financial Initiator: • Self-assured, empowered and optimistic • Clear about financial goals and how to pursue them • Proactive in working with a financial professional

Financial Analyzer: • Good understanding of household income • Thoroughly researches investments and self educated • Comparison shopper, always looking for the best deal • Avid saver • Worked with a financial professional at some point in the past

Financial Collaborator: • In a cooperative relationship • Provides family financial comfort and stability • Shares equally in financial decisions and works with a financial professional

Financial Avoider: • Overwhelmed by financial choices and decisions • Avoids taking steps to resolve financial problems • Has a lack of financial knowledge and trouble taking the first step • Would benefit from guidance of a financial professional but doesn’t seek advice.

Financial Dreamer: • Intimidated by money and investing • Feels helpless when it comes to money and defers all financial matters to significant other • Hopes someone will take care of financial problems • Would potentially benefit the most from working with a financial professional

There isn’t anything good or bad about these financial personalities, they‘re just distinctive. Knowing where you fit in may help you manage your money more effectively by playing up the strengths and correcting any bad habits. Being financially wise is a state of mind in which you are confident making financial decisions for you and your family. Take the first step in becoming financially wise and learn your financial personality.

1The Allianz Women, Money and Power Study, 2006