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How to streamline your event planning

I plan a lot of events for my financial planning practice and the Financially Wise Women community. When most people view my event calendar, they think “wow you must spend a lot of time planning events!” The reality is, I don’t. I just use great systems to plan my events and Eventbrite is one of them. Eventbrite helps me plan my events and keeps the registration and event planning process very simple and streamlined . Recently, I interviewed Leila Najafi, the LA Event Evangelist to help explain how Eventbrite works and how it can help other women business owners and professionals with their event planning needs. Check out the interview below:

Tell me about Eventbrite and how it helps people plan events?

Eventbrite is a self-service ticketing solution for anyone who wants to organize an event and is looking to collect payment, manage their guest list and promote their event. Eventbrite has completely revolutionized the ticketing industry by empowering anyone who wants to host an event to have complete control. Whether you’re a mom-preneur who hosts seminars, or an avid baker who loves to teach baking, or a philanthropist who uses Eventbrite to raise money for a cause, it is a universal tool that has allowed women (and men!) from all backgrounds and industries to be in charge of their event and utilize our amazing technology!

What tip can you give people regarding Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is completely free to use if your event is free! You get access to all the robust functionality at no cost to you or your guest. I encourage small business owners to post events such as grand openings, customer appreciation days, special sale days, or if you’re a restaurant owner you can post holiday menus or live entertainment nights. It’s a great way to gain visibility because we are also fully integrated with social media so you can cross-promote on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and get people talking about your event

Now on to some personal questions, what does being a Financially Wise Woman mean to you?

I think being a Financially Wise Woman means being in complete control of your finances and planning for your future. Our society is one that is focused on instant gratification and indulging on things that are luxuries, which is reasonable, if it makes sense for your budget. So many people don’t have money set aside each month for a 401k or some type of savings plan and that can be a little frightening later on in life. In today’s economy, I believe it’s important to think long-term and have a calculated budget based on your income and determine how much to allocate each month on necessary expenses and splurging.

What is your spending vise?

I have to admit, this probably isn’t what most girls would say is their spending vise but I can easily spend hours and splurge at Bed, Bath & Beyond! You get sucked in to buying everything. I mean, who could resist a 13-piece Cuisinart stainless steel cookware set? I probably have more kitchen gadgets than I need.

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