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Negotiate Like A Badass

Hi Financially Wise Woman!

Want to know one of the number one skills that has helped me most in my life and business?

First, let me start with that before feeling....

Have you ever gotten that knot in your stomach, fear feeling when you had to ask for more money or a better price? Whether from a client, your job or when buying a new car?

I have SO been there.

It can feel scary to ask for something we really want.

I am here to tell you there is a solution... I believe these 5 simple steps will prepare you to negotiate like a badass, so...

You can feel your power and receive what you are worth.

Watch the video below to get these five steps so you can walk confidently into any situation.

Now I’d love to hear from you about two things:

In the comments below share....

  1. One tip you use to negotiate like a badass.

  2. One thing you are going to negotiate and share your results

To be clear, negotiating does not mean to manipulate or take advantage. Or even to be aggressive. Real power in negotiation is showing your value and not settling.

It simply means acknowledging your strengths all the great things you bring to the table each and every day that need to be compensated.

If we don’t ask. Then we don’t know. If we don’t know, we can’t respond. If we can’t respond we are at the mercy of everyone and everything.

Negotiation gives us choice and the ability to shape our financial lives how we see fit.

I am cheering you on! Remember to comment below and do the challenge!

To your financial success!