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July 17, 2019

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3 FWW Pointers for a HEALTHY WEALTHY Life

Hey girl, hey!


Question for yah...


Did you know that health related expenses are one of the number one draws from your money pot both now and especially in your retirement years?


‘Tis true, my dear.


This got me thinking...


What can I share with you that will allow you to be more proactive about saving money when it comes to your wealth of health.


And since SUMMER IS COMING, aka bathing suit season, I thought the timing is perfect for these tips.


Watch this episode for some super duper easy tips on financially wise ways to stay healthy.


These are things you can implement... in the next 5 minutes. 




I hope you enjoyed this episode and now I have a little challenge for you:


  1. Try meal prepping for one week! Just for fun! Here is a great blog on how to easily meal prep. Or you can try Thistle or Blue Apron.

  2. Share any and all of your financially wise health tips below in the comments section. 

Also if you are interested in ClassPass (so you can work out anywhere for one flat fee) here is a link to that and get $30 off your first month.


Again, I don’t have any kind of deal with these companies, I have just used them myself and love them!


To your Healthy Wealthy Life,




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