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5 Tips on How to Start Investing NOW!

Those pesky “shoulds”! I know I so get it. I talk to professional women (and myself) all the time wanting to up their financial game but are torn between what’s immediate and what seems like way, way, WAY off in the future.

I know you have a lot on your plate and you're juggling many different aspects of your life, trying to make it all work seamlessly.

So much so that you ponder sometimes... “Oh my geez! Is it going to be like this forever? Can I retire now!?” And then you quickly remember, “Oh yeah, I would need a solid retirement fund in order for that to even be a reality.”

Am I plucking some heart strings here?

Refrain from reaching for a lottery ticket or thinking about what items in your house you can start selling to get started. It won’t take a heap of effort... I promise.

The only reason I can write all this, is because... YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There you go... a sigh of relief.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this month is all about investing. It sounds like a sexy next step to up your financial game, because, IT IS!

Can I get that ingrained in your being? INVESTING IS SEXY.

This week’s episode is going to give you what you need to get started on the path to investing so that you aren’t on the hamster wheel forever.

Take a few minutes that can end up changing years of your life.


Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know:

What are you struggling with when it comes to investing?

What has either made you put it off or only invest minimally?

If you are currently feeling like a confident sexy investor, what tips or tools have you discovered to help you along the way?

Leave your comment below.

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I know I love being on the journey with you!

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All the love...