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Be Where You Are

Hey girl. First, happy Wednesday. You made it halfway through your week. Awesome work!

Next, let’s just get in touch with some facts:

Did you know that a little less than half the population... about 3 billion people... live on less than $2.50 a day... that’s less than $20 a week.

You can barely walk out of the smoothie joint for that amount in ONE morning.

I imagine if you are reading this blog post, your weekly budget is well above $20. And I want to celebrate with you all the things WE DO HAVE.

We really do live in the land of opportunity. A place where with enough tenacity and courage we can make anything happen.

I wasn’t born into great wealth. I’ve worked hard and smart to get to where I am today AND I’ve also sought the advice and skills of those who have walked the path before me. My mentors have changed my life a thousand times over.

If there is anyway I can help you in the area of your finances, it would be a great honor to do so.

So, let me ask you, why are you waiting to jump into financial success?

A lot of the time when we have a big, looming goal like mastering your finances, we think it's something too large to tackle and therefore we never start.

Ah contraire mon frère!

Here are 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW to baby-step your way into financial freedom. I have hit the 3 core areas. SAVINGS. RETIREMENT. BUDGET.

STEP ONE: BUDGET aka immediate:

Look at you freaking stuff! Look at your bank statements. Download it right now before you even read the next line. Forget about January through June. Just start with July (or the previous month from now, whenever you are reading this). Look at what can be reduced and negotiated: such as cable rates, mobile phone bills, and interest rates on credit cards. Look at what can be eliminated: Netflix subscriptions you never use, recurring meal services, 8 trips to Whole Foods in a week (oops, that one’s for me!). You can’t get to where you want to go without clarity of where you’re starting from.

I can already hear you saying, “but life won’t be fun anymore!!” This reducing and removing isn’t about scarcity. You can still get your bougie $6 coffee in the morning (oops, that one’s for me again!), but maybe it’s once a week instead of seven (from one high class coffee lover to another, it’s worth it).

STEP TWO: SAVINGS aka short term:

Make saving automatic to ANOTHER financial institution. Start creating your emergency fund or cash cushion by automatically transferring money from your checking account to a high yield savings account at another financial institution every month right after you get paid.

Have those funds automatically transferred to an institution outside of your day-to-day transaction bank so you don't even see it and will not be tempted to transfer funds when you see something real fancy you impulsively want to buy. Like they always say, “out of sight, out of mind.”


Open a retirement account and start with a small monthly investment. It can be as little $50 a month. Then, each year or each pay raise, or when you feel like it, increase the amount 1 or 2% until you get to 15% of your total income. That way you’re increasing your retirement fund contributions each year until you get to your savings goal amount. Remember, baby steps really do add up.

Like this easy peasy one - two - three? Imagine if you had ME to help you map it all out specifically to your situation and life plan? Hmmmm? Sounds awesome, right? I’d love to talk with you about making all your financial and life dreams come from one super cool woman to another. “How?” you say! Go here so we can tawk abowt et!