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Because women are often the glue that hold friendships, families and communities together, because women often put others before themselves, financial anxiety becomes a very real thing.

Will there be enough? Am I doing it right? Is what I am contributing enough for our household? Can my husband earn more?

Anxiety comes from your mind, which is not who you really are. It comes from regret of the past or fear from the future. But it’s not what is real in the actual present moment.

Watch this Financially Wise Women episode all about Overcoming Financial Anxiety.

Anytime you go into a tailspin around your finances I invite you to: Pause. Breathe. Relax.

Are you out on the street? Do you really have no one to call? Is it really all falling apart?

Even if it might feel like it's all falling apart, you are likely still clothed, fed, and have enough in this exact moment.

So take a deep breath and connect back to yourself.


Overcome your fears by connecting to the moment. Feel your feet on the ground or your seat in the chair.

Only from this place can you create your next move or have a clearly guided plan.

A great first step is releasing your anxiety. Pulling it from your mind and letting it go.

What one financial anxiety (the one that gets you in that “never-ending” mind loop) are you ready to drop?

Sharing it will release it.

You are courageous to even look at this!