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Look, we all have them.

Pesky expectations.

Sometimes of others but mostly of ourselves.

We are constantly asking ourselves things like: “Am I where I am supposed to be in my financial journey? Am I doing it right? What is everyone else doing?”

And on and on.

In today’s episode, I reveal how to get over the buzz kill of these pesky financial expectations once and for all!

Don’t let expectations take away the pure enjoyment of who you REALLY are in this moment.

Here is a taste of what I give you in this video…

“remove your expectations and feel good about where you are RIGHT NOW and know in your heart that you’re exactly where you need to be.”

Now, to anchor it all in. Share in the comments below one of the expectations that are going to drop RIGHT NOW. The more you reveal, the quicker it gets to move on outta you AND has the potential to inspire another.

Until next time... Lots of love and NO expectations.