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[VIDEO] Making Money Like A Woman

Ladies… it’s time. We don’t have to do it like we’ve always done it.

And quite frankly it’s not good for us to do it like we’ve always done it.

Making money that is.

We don’t need to push and grind away.

Have you ever found that the moment you treat yourself to that pretty blouse or take that lunch with your friend, that’s when the deal falls into place, the contract gets signed, or the turn of events happens?

That’s what it means to make money like a woman.

I’ve done the masculine grind and all it did was leave me tired and feeling totally inauthentic (thank goodness we don’t have to wear shoulder pads like our mothers did!).

I find that when I AM NOT in my email or obsessed with my check list, that is when the magic happens.

Watch this episode of Financially Wise Wednesday and learn the joy, yes joy, of making money like a woman.

I often talk to successful, powerful women making a lot of money. And in addition to making them feel more at ease with their finances, I get to witness this new way of thinking spreading like wildfire.

The more we can embrace who we are as women and bringing that to other women, we can then ripple out this new way of making money.

Okay, now that you’ve had a chance to watch and ponder, talk to me girl:

Just explore…

  • How would you like to make money?

  • Are there ways you can build community?

  • Are there ways of making money that feel more natural to you?

I am excited to hear what ideas you come up with!