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Gratitude is definitely the buzzword of the century. But there is a reason it continues to have so much air time.

Because. It. Works.

And by WORKS, I mean it makes you see that the Universe really IS conspiring in your favor. And the more you have gratitude for what is, the more full, complete, and whole your life begins to feel.

I can personally tell you, the practice of gratitude has changed my life time and time again.

I call it a practice, because it is something to connect to more than just once a year in front of a feast, but rather every day!

So, I want you to add this little gratitude practice to your financially wise toolbox.

You'll learn exactly how to create more financial gratitude in today's episode:

In the comments below, tell me at least one thing you are grateful for when it comes to your finances.

The more detail and the more you gush the better!

And let me tell you how much I appreciate you reading, watching, clicking, and giving Financially Wise Women love week after week.

I really couldn’t do any of this without you, in fact YOU are the reason why I do it in the first place.

Don’t forget, the way to more is to acknowledge and appreciate what you already have.