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Calling all powerful women! Yes, that’s YOU!

If you are reading this you are, no doubt, powerful.

The way we can be leaders inner tribe and to help other women rise up to their own greatness is actually quite simple:

Once you find something that benefits your own life, share it with those around you.

Yep. That’s it!

Watch this episode about how to take this simple tactic and develop it so that you can become the leader of your tribe.

As you rise up in your own financial life, you have the capacity to inspire those around you to do the same.

Share with those you love about new apps, tools, articles, other leaders, professionals, new insurance policy, etc. when you come across one.

Tell them the things that help you, so they can either do something new or feel good about what they are already up to.

Side benefit is you will feel more empowered on your own journey.

Leave a comment below on how are you inspiring others to be in their greatness!