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You are likely a high-powered woman and if you’re anything like me you sometimes find it difficult to give yourself permission to REST.

This is a bit unconventional, I’ll admit, but from my own personal experience, when I allow myself to rest, the more money I make.

Rest is actually key to my success. Watch this episode of Financially Wise Women TV to see what I mean.

When I am rested. I feel clear. Decisions come more easily and… I kid you not… it’s when most of my deals and new clients come through.

It felt strange at first and took some trust, but then more money came in and faster too.

Don’t get me wrong, I still work with gusto but I schedule in rest, trust my intuition, listen to my body and let things flow.

These really are the key elements to make money the feminine way.

In the comments below share how you like to take rest and how it’s helped you in your own financial life.

To your peaceful abundance!