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First and foremost you are not alone.

Many people experience money guilt or shame at some point in their lifetime.

But to beat yourself up about anything around money will only keep you stuck and unhappy.

And I want to see you flourishing and full of joy.

Do you want that for yourself?

I thought you might.

There is another way, even if you’re in debt, even if you made a huge financial mistake, even if you just don’t feel good about your day-to-day spending habits.

Let me walk you through the HOW-TO dismiss your money shame forever.

And after you watch, know you can pull any of these strategies out of your magic financial hat to soothe you in a time of turmoil.


In fact with these tools you can turn turmoil into a rewarding experience… now that’s true abundance!

I even suggest writing these out on a piece of paper and keeping them in your wallet or putting a note on your phone so you can reference them anytime you feel that thing of shame or anger.

Now, I’d love to hear from you!

Share with me…

  • Do you carry any guilt or shame?

  • What tool from this video are you going to use this week?

Remember, share with abundance and truth. Your sharing may be THE thing that inspires one of the other beautiful souls that read this blog.

Huge thanks for joining me here, sharing YOU and being a Financially Wise Woman. Every interaction makes a difference.

If you know of anyone that can benefit from the tips and tools here, please spread the word!