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**This post is sponsored by H&R Block however the opinions shared in this blog post are all mine.**

I broach this subject with caution because I know doing your taxes can be as fun as your water heater breaking mid-shower before a HOT date. Not. Fun.

But what if I told you there is a secret-superhero out there ready to rescue you from tax stress?

Are you listening?

Drop those shoulders girl and take a deep breath because there is a way to leverage resources at a low cost while still getting the help of a professional.

Queue the drumroll…

A great service I have recently investigated is the Tax Pro Review offered by H&R Block.

In as little as three days, you can now use Tax Pro Review to have your tax return reviewed by a tax professional. Easy-peasy.

If there is anything I have learned about being a powerful woman, it is that we don’t ever need to do things alone. In fact, we get more of what we want when we enlist others to help us! We must value our time, our money, and our sanity.

It’s nice to know with a tool like this, a trained professional will be looking over your tax return with YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind.

Bottomline, H&R Block’s tax professionals will provide you with an expert evaluation so that you know you will receive your maximum refund—guaranteed. That’s pretty boss in my book.

Then, you can take your refund and put it towards some of those financial goals you created at the beginning of the year! (Or splurge on something special for yourself). GO YOU!

The add-on investment for this service is $59.99-89.99 based on the complexity of your tax return. Very fair.

As you know, at FWW we like life to be easy and H&R Block Tax Pro Review can help you get your maximum refund with just a few easy steps.

Visit to start your return today.