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A luxury vacation doesn't need to sound like a far off dream or feel like a load of debt waiting to happen.

Look, I know life gets busy and we can narrow our focus sometimes. Then, you look back and say why am I working so hard with no celebration of all my efforts?!?

Or you randomly decide to book a vacation but wind up putting way too much on your credit card and feel guilty after.

No wonder you haven’t taken a vacation in awhile!

There’s a Financially Wise way to do this whole travel thing, which I’ll explain in this 4 tip episode of Financially Wise TV.

After you’ve taken a peek at the video, I want to know your top secret travel hacks!

  • What do you do to go on luxury vacations without maxing yourself out?

  • Where are you traveling this year?

  • Do you put it all on a credit card to earn miles and then pay the balance off immediately?

Remember, share with abundance and truth. Your sharing may be THE thing that inspires one of the other beautiful souls that read this blog.

Huge thanks for joining me here, sharing YOU and being a Financially Wise Woman. Every interaction makes a difference.

If you know of anyone that can benefit from the tips and tools here, please spread the word!