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Now that we are all in a little bit of back to school mode, there is no better time than now to review and augment your retirement plan.

So, let me ask, have you maxed out your 401K and are you wondering if there are any other ways to make the best of your retirement strategy?

I have some solid solutions that you can take action on right away!

Considering you still have substantial time left in the year to make contributions to your retirement accounts, In this week’s episode of FW TV, I want to show you:

  • Another retirement account you need to know about.

  • The max you can contribute to that account.

  • The additional account to open if you’ve capped out your retirement options.

  • What a successful retirement scenario can look like for you!

Shifting your focus from “I want it now” to long term gain is essential to creating lasting wealth.

Knowing you are doing everything you can to make your retirement a breeze is more satisfying than you might realize at the present moment. But you can trust me on this one. Building your legacy feels pretty darn good.

After you’ve taken a peek at the video, I want to know what your money moves will be:

  • Are you going to find out if you’ve maxed out your 401K and take advantage of these other options?

  • What are you committed to implementing for the next four months to start or continue building your financial legacy?

Leave a comment below and share you money moves.

I think we learn best when we talk to one another.

If you’re ready to really take a giant leap in your retirement (and overall financial strategy), go here to schedule a discovery session and let’s explore the abundance of possibilities for you.