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I was recently in a meeting with a client and we were talking about maximizing her financial goals and credit cards inevitably came up.

So many people believe, that in the world of being financially responsible that credit cards are a big no-no.

Well, I am here to tell you, not if you use these “plastic keys” to your advantage. It’s just a little mindset shift.

In this week’s episode of FWTV, I reveal to you my top credit card hacks that will allow you to USE your credit cards to your ADVANTAGE rather than create more debt.

I want to show you:

  • Where to find the best credit card options

  • How to choose the right credit card for your goals and lifestyle

  • What to do every month and every year to maximize your credit card’s value.

So credit cards don’t need to be scary, elusive, and you don’t need to avoid them either. They can 100% be used another tool in your financial toolbox.

You really have to shift your mindset from I will pay this when I can to this is just a temporary holding place for my expenses and will be paid in full every month. A credit card is not extra money, it’s just a gateway that earns me rewards and advantages on the side.

After you’ve taken a peek at the video, I want to know:

  • What credit card strategy do you plan on putting in place?

  • What are your top lifestyle priorities when it comes to selecting a credit card?

Leave a comment below and share your money moves.

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