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Do you work for a company that provides you or plans on providing you stock options?

Most people have a minimal understanding on how to best maximize their company stock options. So rather than set it and forget it, I invite you to make the most out of your stock options.

In this episode of Financially Wise TV, I share some quick, simple things you need to know so that you're clear on what your choices are and how to go about next steps with your stock options.

You’ll learn things like:

  • The first thing you need to check before moving forward.

  • The next thing you need to do if you have a lot of stock options.

  • What to be aware of if you make changes to your stock options.

Knowing your choices with your stock options helps you leverage your finances and potential for maximum earnings. So much is dependent on the vesting agreement you are working with, so it “pays” to know if employer contributions are fully vested at the time they are provided or if they are subjected to time limits and operate on an escalating scale over time known as a vesting schedule.

After you’ve watched the video, I want to know:

  • What is your next move with your stock options?

  • What else do you want to know about this topic?

Leave a comment below and share your money moves.

This episode might have raised some questions for you. I am here to provide you answers. Go here to book a time to discuss your financial opportunities!