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Even I get a little sidetracked when it comes to saving money and this is something I teach my clients every single day.

For me, the sheer ease of spending money these days... amazon this, online shopping that, apple pay at grocery stores... makes saving that much more challenging!

So if you get that little "tantrummy" voice in your head saying “But do I really need to save when I’d rather spend more money now?” I feel you.

You're not alone.

In this episode of Financially Wise TV, I share with you the 3 secrets to easily save more money. These tips aren’t as obvious as you might think and they take almost zero effort to put in place. I even share a little “OH YEAH” moment I had when planning for a trip.

Join me for a rich (hehe, see what I did there) discussion about being more savvy with your savings.

You’ll learn things like:

  • What decluttering has to do with your money

  • A simple but CRUCIAL step when you are saving for something specific.

  • Why one is the loneliest number.

Once you've had a chance to watch, head on over to the blog and join us in the comments section. Let me know which tip you are going to implement today.

It is my mission to give you tools and tips that you can effortlessly use so we can all grow to be wealthy souls.

If you have any specific questions about savings or other money questions, I want to answer them. Go HERE to schedule a direct call with me.


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