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A friend of mine recently took a vacation to the suburbs of Austin, Texas. The cost of living in this location is MUCH LOWER than California. She looked at the price of a big beautiful home and thought, “OMG, I could buy one of these right now based on my revenue in CA!!”

A little discouraged, she felt like owning a home in California (she doesn’t want to move) is not in the cards for her.

BUT... owning a home, going on a luxury vacation, even retiring are not pipe dreams or something left to the heirs of gobs of money.

And I tell you what I told my friend, “Why NOT you? You can totally make buying a home happen! It simply takes a little planning.”

Don’t get lost in the fantasy of get rich quick schemes or waiting for your big break.

Make it happen for yourself and start now. How? Savings. Bare with me here.

I promise you that saving can be sexy if you follow some solid tips that I am going to share with you in today’s episode of FW TV.

This is the easiest and most efficient way to get what you want. Dreaming for a downpour of money and waiting.. will. not. work. You need to take inspired action.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch this crazy good episode. I WANT TO KNOW!

Which sexy saving tip (hopefully all of them!) are you going to put in place TODAY?

We are on this journey together.

Want to save more and do all those fiscally responsible things? I have even more strategies in my tool box that I’d love to tell you about. Go HERE to learn more.