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[VIDEO] 3 Travel Hacks From My Trip to London!

I had fun traveling the cobblestone streets of London with three of my girlfriends. Call me nerdy but my favorite part was going to the museums. We ate great food, saw amazing sites, and laughed a ton.

The cool, crisp, rain laden air was a nice departure from the California sunshine I had grown accustom. I recommend seeing other parts of the world as often as you can.

Traveling gave me a deep love for the different qualities and textures of London. AND an even deeper love for Los Angeles, the sunshine, and the life I have built here. Absence made my heart grow fonder.

Watch this video full of some financially wise travel hacks that helped me a lot for my trip.

In the video you will receive tips about:

  • saving for travel

  • how to make travel more rewarding

  • what to do once you're already on your vacation.

Once you have watched, let me know:

  • What is your favorite financially wise travel hack?

  • What is your favorite financially wise airport hack?

Can’t wait to read your tips!

If you want to add more travel into your life but aren't sure how to financially do so... go here to schedule a 2019 Financial Goal Setting Session.