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[VIDEO] 3 Ways to Practice The Give to Receive Mindset

While I was in recovery after my surgery this spring, I experienced the power of "giving to receive "on a new level.

While I was in the ICU, I felt love coming to me from my friends, family, community, the nurses, and so on.

This love healed me not only physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I could feel the love I had given and received over my life compounded and floating to me in the hospital over those seemingly long days.

This experience is one of my life's greatest gifts.

As you wrap up 2018 and go into a new year...

I want to share with you three ways to practice the Give to Receive Mindset in this week’s episode of FW TV.

You’ll learn:

  1. Practice giving and receiving on a daily basis. Remember, giving and receiving go together. When you practice this daily you begin to become aware of your capacity. When you both give and receive you keep wealth in circulation.

  2. Receive graciously. Have you ever tried to give someone a gift and they denied it? If you recall a situation like this you can feel the cut off. You can feel the stop of energy. When you block gifts or offers as they come to you, you are stopping the flow of life. Instead, say thank you. Receive when someone offers to buy you a meal, or gives you a compliment. Keep the flow going.

  3. Expand your capacity. Don’t believe the thought, “I am too tired to give,” or “I am too drained to give.” If you are ever down or feeling low on energy try giving, it will energize you immediately. You immediately begin to expand. When you give, you receive even more back.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, share with me:

  • An experience you’ve had that taught you how to give and receive.

  • Which of these three tips resonated with you the most.

Thank you for allowing me to GIVE you this blog article. I hope you RECEIVED some insight.