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💰The Ultimate Money Mindset

Money Mindset Make More

I recently worked with a client who wanted to make more money. I first told her that to make more money, you first need to get clear on EXACTLY how much more money you want.

We reviewed her budget and financial strategy to calculate exactly how much money she wanted to have every month.

I told her to keep that figure clear in her mind. I told her to meditate every morning for 30 days straight on how it would feel once she had that amount. I told her to act as if and in her days feel as if she already had that amount.

I also told her to clean up her finances. When your finances are in order you create the space needed for more money to show up.

For my client, this meant: consolidating her accounts, eliminating subscription services she no longer used, and cleaning out her wallet and purse.

She followed all our advice. In our next review meeting, 30 days later, she told me that she got a new job offer with a higher salary and guess what?

The salary was exactly the number we had come up with in our meeting.

That is the power of the The Ultimate Money Mindset.

And this can be true for you too!

Here are the Top Three Tips to Create the Ultimate Money Mindset:


Get clear on exactly how much money you want every month. Know this number by heart. Post it where you can see it daily. Trust it will happen.


Meditate every morning with the focus on connecting to all the abundance in your life. Feel as if you already have the amount of money you want every month. Live from that place. Take action every day from that place. Become aware of the opportunities when they come into your life. For example: an unexpected side hustle, a promotion you can apply for, or new clients you can help. Speak up and do the work to show up every day with the mindset that you deserve and WILL have the money you desire.


Clean up to create the space needed for more money to flow into your life. That means everything, big and small. For example:

  • Clean out your wallet, organize it, wipe it down.

  • Organize your financial accounts, budget, systems, and files.

  • Pay off bills you’ve been holding on to.

  • Make calls to people and clean up money decisions from the past. 

  • Take the time to create a loving clean space with your money and see how good that clean energy feels.

leave a comment with THE ONE THING you are going to commit to this week to elevate your money mindset.