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Educated, Working Women Still Earn Less

The statistics on the pay gap have not changed in over 10 years.

Even though more women are achieving more advanced degrees and now hold the majority (52%) of management positions in the U.S., women still only earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.*

So what to do?

First, don’t get angry or resentful, start getting active.

Second, ask yourself what can I start doing to be more present with my finances?

  • Who can you hire to help you manage your money?

  • Who can you make connections with to further your career and increase your salary?

  • Am I looking at my finances weekly and adjusting?

Third, ask for more.

In my experience with my clients, women can be a little hesitant when asking for more money. I challenge you to step forward, get out of your fear, and ask for more.

Here are my top make more money tips:

  • Be clear about how much more money you want. You need to set a goal and target. With this new amount in mind you can now start making your way to achieving it.

  • Account for inflation. Inflation averages about 2% per year, so at a minimum your salary or rates should increase 2% every year.

  • Look at how much value you have created in your position or for your clients. Write out the list of what you have been able to accomplish in the last year. When you go to your boss or go to increase your rates share this value.

  • Create a side hustle. Many people have a skill or have a creative talent that can potential be an alternate source of income. You can start a side hustle tutoring, teaching guitar, selling artwork, etc. for some extra cash on the side.

How are you going to make more money this year?

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