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Never Settle

Maybe it’s the sunshine that’s gotten into my veins but I am extra happy these days.

Can I just tell you that there is nothing wrong with wanting more for your life? As many times as you may write a journal entry or daydream about what you want, there is a reason you thought it up in the first place.

Never settle for anything less than what you know you are capable of (and then go beyond even that). I am not saying that exactly where you are isn’t GREAT... because it is. AND just like the Springtime, there are times for blossoming.

Let the sunshine in and grow.

Why am I saying all this? Because I know if you are reading this you have some sort or hankering to make your money game stronger. I get it. I do too. Each and every day.

However, the one question I get more than probably any other question is:

“Why would I pay money to hire a financial planner when I could put that money towards my debt... my savings... my investments?”

A 100% reasonable question and I think you are smart for asking it.

But this is the same as saying, “Why would I hire a web designer when I could probably figure out how to do it myself?” or “Why would I hire a person to re-tile my bathroom, when I could probably figure it out myself?”

Just because I use the internet, doesn’t mean I know how to code a website. Just because my feet touch the tile of my floor, doesn’t mean I know how to lay that tile down.

Working with an expert around your finances can end up saving you money, time, and a whole bunch of headaches.

So now I ask... “What is it costing you NOT TO work with a financial planner?

I ask you not to settle for the way things have been. Take a leap and put time and energy towards things that matter. Whether its with Financially Wise or another firm. The sooner you start the better off you will be.

Schedule a free Discovery Call today HERE and gain clarity on what your financial goals are and some clear steps on how to get there.

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