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Rituals of Millionaires

I want to remind you that you always have a choice.

How you perceive your life and how you choose to live each day is 100% up to you.

I’ve been doing research on the mindset, statistics, and rituals of high-income earners and I want to share with you how they spend their time.

I know that without my daily rituals, I’d be one lost puppy. Here are some statistics I found:


Thomas Corley of Rich Habits, showed that 88 percent of self-made millionaires read at least 30 minutes every day, focused on self education. I am always talking about mindset. What is going on between your ears is key to your ultimate success. Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right. What you decide is true is true… so why not choose a truth that supports you. One way to get positivity in motion is reading (or listening) to something that is uplifting and/or educational. I encourage you to find a book or start listening to a podcast at least 30 minutes a day and focus on your self-education.


76 percent of millionaires exercise 4 days a week. I love a good work out and when I leave with a sweat my endorphins soar. I always get more done and feel more relaxed when I am consistently working out. Knowing that millionaires have a daily ritual of exercise inspires me even more to get moving.

Exercise has been proven to…

  • Boost your happiness levels

  • Helps you sleep better

  • Increases your energy

  • Increase your self confidence

  • Helps you perform better at work

  • Helps you live longer.


Well, Game of Thrones is over so this will be easier for all of us! 67 percent of wealthy people watch less than one hour of television daily, and 63 percent spend less than one hour daily surfing the internet/social media. Where can you cut back? Consuming doesn’t just happen with food. Be sensitive to what media and communication is around you. Unless it’s uplifting and/or benefits what you really want, see if you can reduce your television and internet intake.


53 percent of self-made millionaires were obsessed with become rich before they were rich. Now, I don’t advocate obsession but a laser focus and bringing a totality to whatever you do is key. If you want to make something happen you must be focused and not let setbacks, challenges, obstacles, or nay-sayers get in you way. Take time each day to focus on your vision and take action every day to make it a reality.

These all seem pretty harmless, no? I am going to deepen my own dedication to all of these practices. I hope you join me. Let me know what your favorite one is by replying to this email.

Cheers to your wealth,


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