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Do You Think Like A Millionaire?

Success leaves clues…

If you haven’t noticed this month I’ve focused on the mindset, rituals, and statistics about the average millionaire so that we (myself included) can be more firmly on the road to creating wealth.

One key pattern I have seen is that millionaires are in it for the long-game.

It’s not a quick sprint, it’s a marathon.


Thomas Corley of Rich Habits, showed that 86 percent of wealthy people who work full time put in 50 hours or more each week at their career. Millionaires aren’t easily distracted by new trends, shiny objects, negative perceptions of them, etc. They stay in their lane, they stay focused on what their vision is and let the noise just be noise. They are willing to master their emotions and thoughts so they can put energy towards what is meaningful to them.


Corley’s research showed that millionaires often pursue multiple streams of income, with 65 percent having at least three streams, thereby diversifying their dependence on any one stream. This concept don’t just stop with their income. Rather than coming from scarcity, millionaires think abundance now and long-term. Let me give an example. Rather than what you were most likely taught… you can have the toy OR you can have the ice cream. Millionaires think HOW can I have BOTH the toy AND the ice cream. They stay out of the confinement of limitation and figure out ways to create more money, abundance, resources so they can have both the ice cream and the toy. An adult version of this might be to save money and also take a vacation.


From Spectrem study, on a 100 point scale, millionaires rated the importance of having a regular saving program at 82, reflecting their strong belief of its importance to their wealth. They often automate their savings process and save on average 23% of their income. Don’t worry if 23% feels like a punch in the gut. START WHERE YOU CAN.

I believe in you. I am in it with you! Let’s keep empowering each other.



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